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General Information

– All available animation packs do not contain any animation setups; you will need to create any systems yourself.

– The link to the full documentation is in the description of each pack, but I’ll also provide it here for your convenience – Documentation Link

– The quickest way to report an error is through the Discord channel, to which I warmly invite you. All errors are corrected within 24 hours.

– You can join the Discord channel or contact me via email. The comment section under each animation pack is also at your disposal.

– Yes, in the near future, such tutorials will be appearing on the YouTube channel.

– Currently, I am focused on creating animations for the marketplace, but if you still want to discuss your needs, please feel free to contact me via email.

– I’m sorry, but currently, the Marketplace does not allow for individual discounts. However, my animations often go on sale, and I invite you to take advantage of those discounts.

– I encourage you to inform me about your needs or suggestions for future packs. Your needs will certainly be considered, and if appropriate, such a pack may appear on the Marketplace.

– Yes, the Marketplace license allows you to use the assets in other engines.

– Yes, all the packs include .fbx files and MotionBuilder files that you can use. To find them, install the pack in your project, then in the Content folder – [Name of the pack you’re looking for source files of] – you’ll find a folder called; unzip it. You will find all the source files there.

– I invite you to review the refund policy, which is described on the Epic Games website.